Check out interesting cheerleader spankies if you want to jazz up the cheerleader’s practice uniform. For competitions and games, cheerleaders are usually required to wear matching spankies, but for cheer practice and cheer camp there is usually some flexibility.

Purpose of Cheerleader Spankies

Cheerleaders are always at risk of having their skirts fly up when they tumble, fly or jump. A cheerleader spankie, also called a bloomer, shorty, brief, or bodywear, covers the nether-regions modestly and prevents embarrassment.


When choosing cheerleader spankies for practices, you can probably make your style choice based on personal preference rather than team requirements.

  • Athletic cheer briefs are full-coverage underwear with a high waist and low leg holes. As long as you purchase the right size, this style “hugs” your bottom (similar to a bathing suit bottom). You might feel more comfortable wearing cheer briefs if you’re on a team full of girls or you rarely perform moves that cause your skirt to fly up.
  • Boy-cut briefs look similar to bike shorts, but have a much shorter inseam. Boy-cut briefs come with a high- or low-rise waist, and inseams range from very short to several inches. It may even be possible to wear longer boy-cut briefs without a skirt over the top during practices because they look more modest.
  • As with a leotard, a bodysuit covers the entire body. Most bodysuits won’t feel comfortable for practices because getting into and out of them for bathroom breaks is a hassle.


Most cheerleader spankies are made of nylon, polyester, and spandex. There are some spankie fabric blends that are heavier and more supportive than others. You should always try on spankies before purchasing if you’re concerned about your bottom-half and don’t want to risk showing off your bottom — even do a few cheerleading jumps while trying them on to be sure they stay on.

Fun Styles

While competitions and games may require plain, solid spankies, practice spankies are unlimited. Show off your inner-diva with glitter fabrics, metallic colors, sequins, animal prints, and hologram sheens. Several cheer uniform providers allow you to customize your spankies with jeweled accents. There are also fun options like:

  • Lettering in graffiti
  • The stars
  • It’s Argyle!
  • Dyeing
  • The flames
  • Using camouflage
  • The checkerboard
  • In houndstooth
  • The heart
  • The polka dot

Where to Purchase

For customized cheer bloomers, you’ll probably want to look online, not at cheer stores or athletic stores. Cheer spankies can be found at the following stores:

  • The CheerDeals website
  • Head2Toe Cheer
  • Omni Cheer
  • Varsity Shop
  • Pizzazz Performance Wear

How to Wear Spankies

Cheer spankies typically cost between $5.00 and $20.00, so they’re an affordable way to jazz up your practice attire. Invest in a couple of options and switch them out regularly. You wouldn’t want your underwear to show underneath your spankies, so choose undies that match your spankie color.

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