Prom Night Gift Ideas

To make your prom night extra special, there are many great ideas for prom gifts.

Suggestions for Prom Gifts

Getting prom gifts from your date or even your parents is a fun tradition. In some cases, prom dates exchange gifts, while in others, a parent may wish to commemorate the event with a gift. 

You don’t need to spend a lot on gifts because “it’s the thought that counts.” A small gift with the right intention can be even more meaningful than an expensive one. The following are some gift ideas to consider:

Corsage and Flowers

Traditionally, prom dates receive corsages or boutonnieres. Most girls wear wrist corsages with flowers, while most guys wear boutonnieres (single flowers pinned to their suits). It is also possible for guys to surprise their dates by bringing flowers or roses. 

Flowers are loved by most girls, so put them in a vase with water to enjoy them after the dance. Several hours before the dance, pick up the corsage. To keep it fresh, place it in the fridge after purchasing.


The right jewelry can add a special touch to prom night. A necklace or earrings might be given to a daughter by her parents. Many girls will have their jewelry all planned out for the evening, so this can be tricky. Ask ahead what she might like and let her choose a necklace or other piece of jewelry as a prom gift. 

Additionally, you can give something nice as a symbol of your love, and encourage her to wear it again. The guy who wants to give his date a piece of jewelry probably wants to do it for a girlfriend, not for a casual date. Even asking a girl to be your girlfriend could be done this way. It could create an awkward night if you aren’t certain she will say yes.

Renting a Limo

Prom gifts can include experiences, such as a limo ride for your date. Do this by not telling her ahead of time, and pretend that you’ll be picking her up in your beat-up car or even having an older sibling drive you. The prom gift will definitely be appreciated. Consider getting your friends together to share the cost of a limo.

Digital Camera

You can give your son or daughter a new camera for prom night so that they can take it with them. I think this is a great idea, especially if you are able to spend a few minutes figuring out the settings for darker light and show him or her ahead of time. For slipping into a pocket or purse, you’ll want a smaller camera, as well as a carrying case. Buy a camera in a color that matches the prom colors, your daughter’s dress, or a favorite color. Be sure the camera has a full battery before giving it to her so she’s ready for prom.

Making Prom More Special

Making a prom night a little more memorable is easy with prom gifts. If you choose something as simple as a corsage or as extravagant as a new digital camera, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

If you’re the one getting the gift, be sure to express your appreciation in words or with a thank-you note.

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