Senior Skip Day Ideas

There is a fun tradition among senior high schoolers called senior skip day. Take advantage of these last weeks as a senior by doing something fun and spending time together.

Planning Senior Skip Day

Senior skip day usually occurs during the last few weeks of school. You should plan something that will create a lasting memory, regardless of whether you are going with a large group of friends or a small group.

Beach Picnic

Enjoying a day off from school and unwinding at the beach can be a great way to unwind with your friends. Pack snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and a portable speaker if you have one. You might even want to bring a large floaty that you can all share, along with plenty of big towels. 

Be sure to include all of your friends’ favorite songs in your playlist beforehand. When the water is warm, you can swim, float, or just lounge around and enjoy each other’s company.

Bury a Time Capsule

You and your friends can bury a time capsule in one of your parents’ yards (with permission) if you feel extra sentimental. Take some pictures, maybe a yearbook, and other special memories and enjoy your ditch day reminiscing. Even come up with a list of predictions for you and your friends. Observe how much has changed in 10 years when you dig up the time capsule.

Create a Friendship Scrapbook

If all of your friends are headed in different directions after graduation, you can enjoy each other’s company and create a scrapbook together. Add pictures, write about memories, and decorate the pages with thoughts about high school. 

Send the notebook every month after graduation to each person so he or she can share what’s happening in their lives. Leave several blank pages. You can use this as a fun way to stay in touch.

Take a Cake Baking Class

Consider taking a cake decorating class together, or baking a cake together at home to celebrate finishing your senior year. You can enjoy eating your masterpiece together after decorating your cakes at a place in town that holds memories for you and your friends.

Head to an Amusement Park

Spend the day with your friends at the nearest amusement park if you need an adrenaline rush. It is advisable to leave as early as possible since parking can be difficult. Don’t forget to bring extra cash since snacks and drinks at amusement parks can be expensive, and tickets can be costly as well. 

You can save some money by bringing snacks and drinks from home. Remember this special day by taking plenty of photos and maybe even getting some custom shirts to coordinate with your outfits.

Visit the Zoo

Spend the day hanging out with all the animals at your local zoo with your friends. Walking around the zoo with your friends is a great way to bond. For added entertainment, keep an eye out for special shows and events.

Go on a Hike

Choose a beautiful hike to go on with your friends if you want to do something active. As a result, you can take plenty of pictures together and enjoy some time outside. It can be a nice change from the classroom environment. Pack a picnic and stop for a break near the top. Take pictures, or hire a photographer, and order or print out some photos of you and all of your friends so you can have them framed in honor of this fun day.

See a Live Show

If you and your friends are in the mood to see a show, you can attend a concert or comedy show. Both options are available during the week, and tickets can be purchased in advance. Before heading to the show, plan on meeting up at someone’s house or a nearby restaurant. It’s a great way to spend your day off and enjoy some music or comedy.

Set Up a Catered Lunch

You can set up a catered lunch and pick a fun location to enjoy each other’s company if you want something more formal. Pick a restaurant that everyone likes and pool everyone’s money. Lunch can be eaten in a park, at someone’s house, or at a venue. It’s a great way to spend time together and celebrate your senior year.

Enjoying Senior Skip Day

When you graduate from high school, you’ll look back fondly on senior skip day. Choose something you will all enjoy and have a great time connecting with your friends.

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