Free Online Virtual Avatar Games This Year

Choose from a wide variety of online games to chat in virtual towns, sell virtual goods, play arcade games, or make virtual friends. The games below are all free to play, but some may require virtual currency purchases or VIP memberships to access additional features.

Four Fun Avatar Games to Play

It’s likely that one or more of these four virtual avatar games will be tons of fun for you, regardless of your age or interests.

1. Active Worlds

Active Worlds is like entering a gallery of countless unique worlds built by users and exploring each one at your leisure. Those who enjoy building worlds will especially enjoy this game. But if you’re not into world-building, it offers prebuilt locations based on themes like Cities & Towns, Real World Replicas, and Historical.

2. Second Life

You can use your avatar in Second Life to explore the virtual world, hold meetings, purchase land, go shopping, and earn real currency (the Linden dollar) by selling goods. Second Life is used by businesses, colleges, and individuals. It is designed for people who want to create a virtual life by purchasing and developing property, working, and participating in daily activities.

The Second Life virtual world is free, but there is a premium plan that gives users access to virtual currency rewards and the ability to create homes. To access the virtual world, users must also download a free chat client.

3. Roblox (Great Choice for Parents and Kids)

Roblox is a dream come true if you want something less sophisticated than Active Worlds or Second Life, something you can play with your kids. It is primarily designed for kids, as evidenced by its visual look and strict safety features. There are many worlds that have been designed by expert users, but they are fun for both kids and adults. Here are some of the best games:

  • (aka Fashion Frenzy): Choose an outfit based on a theme and walk the catwalk to impress your fellow gamers.
  • In Hide-and-Seek Extreme, you play hide-and-seek in a giant virtual world with timed rounds. Every round, “it” changes randomly, so you get a turn at hiding and seeking.
  • Each timed round places your avatar in a virtual environment where a different natural disaster is randomly chosen. If you want to survive tornadoes, meteor attacks, floods, fires, and tsunamis, you must do your best.
  • Become a pizza delivery driver or a cashier at a pizza place where you can make pizzas, work as a store manager, handle inventory supply using a big truck, or work as a cashier. Spend your paycheck on new furniture for your virtual home every day.
  • Play as an Olympic athlete training in a virtual gymnasium with all the gear you’d find in real training centers. An example can be found in the video below.

You can sign up, create an avatar, and play all the games for free, but some games require a currency called Robux, which you can purchase with your debit card.

4. Twinity

The slogan of Twinity is “Twice the life, twice the spice,” and that pretty much sums up the game’s style. Authentic connections are its trademark, and it’s spicier and only for grown-ups. Avatars are real people in the real world (no fake A.I. accounts filling up the place). If you want to talk to the person with your real voice, you can use the voice chat option. 

Parties can also be designed and thrown wild. As compared to some virtual worlds, the connections feel more real, and the fun is more adult. Despite the fact that it is free to use, it is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Find a Second Home

There are many similar features in these games, so picking the right one can take some time, but it’s worth it. The type of virtual world you want to live in and the features you want to use are important considerations. After you’ve settled into your virtual world, you’ll feel as if it’s your second home every time you log on.

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