Finding Plus Size Teen Clothing?

Finding Plus Size Teen Clothing

You can find plenty of options for plus size teens both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, regardless of your style tastes. The clothing you want in the right size and style is available here, including flattering dresses, comfy leggings, and cute tops. Online Plus Size Teen Fashion Buying online makes shopping easy, and many online … Read more

Cheers Chants and Songs in 2023

Cheers Chants and Songs

Pep rallies, ball games, and cheerleading practices are not complete without cheers, chants, and songs. When to Use Cheers, Chants, and Songs Using a cheer, a chant, and a song at the right time can be confusing, even for veteran cheerleaders. Your squad captains and cheer coach will make the final decision, but here are … Read more

High School Yearbook Quotes

High School Yearbook Quotes

The question of what to write in your friends’ yearbooks is one that teenagers all over the world ponder every year. Alternatively, you may not really think about it that much, but would appreciate having an interesting quote or two handy. Ideas for What to Write Some people in your life are so special that … Read more

Prom Night Gift Ideas

Prom Night Gift Ideas

To make your prom night extra special, there are many great ideas for prom gifts. Suggestions for Prom Gifts Getting prom gifts from your date or even your parents is a fun tradition. In some cases, prom dates exchange gifts, while in others, a parent may wish to commemorate the event with a gift.  You … Read more


Cheerleader Spankies

Check out interesting cheerleader spankies if you want to jazz up the cheerleader’s practice uniform. For competitions and games, cheerleaders are usually required to wear matching spankies, but for cheer practice and cheer camp there is usually some flexibility. Purpose of Cheerleader Spankies Cheerleaders are always at risk of having their skirts fly up when … Read more