Best Paying Jobs in Broadcasting in 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Broadcasting

Many dream of working in radio, television or in film. Broadcasting is a profession that requires creativity, and the highest pay jobs in broadcasting can be rewarding career paths. When people think about broadcasting, they imagine news anchors, however you can also work as a strategist for content video producer, news producer technical writer or a public … Read more

Poetry Prompts for High School

Poetry Prompts for High School

Poems are your favorite, but creating them isn’t as easy as it seems. You can work your linguistic magic by using writing prompts. High schoolers can benefit from poetry prompts that are fun, lovey dovey, or even political. Poetry Slam or Competition Writing Prompts for High School The style of spoken word poetry differs from … Read more

Senior Skip Day Ideas

Senior Skip Day Ideas

There is a fun tradition among senior high schoolers called senior skip day. Take advantage of these last weeks as a senior by doing something fun and spending time together. Planning Senior Skip Day Senior skip day usually occurs during the last few weeks of school. You should plan something that will create a lasting … Read more

Finding Plus Size Teen Clothing?

Finding Plus Size Teen Clothing

You can find plenty of options for plus size teens both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, regardless of your style tastes. The clothing you want in the right size and style is available here, including flattering dresses, comfy leggings, and cute tops. Online Plus Size Teen Fashion Buying online makes shopping easy, and many online … Read more

Cheers Chants and Songs in 2023

Cheers Chants and Songs

Pep rallies, ball games, and cheerleading practices are not complete without cheers, chants, and songs. When to Use Cheers, Chants, and Songs Using a cheer, a chant, and a song at the right time can be confusing, even for veteran cheerleaders. Your squad captains and cheer coach will make the final decision, but here are … Read more