List of High School Dance Themes

Find unique dance themes and narrow down your choices by using a list of high school dance themes. Bring your theme to life with decorations, food, music, and outfits.

Themes for Different Types of High School Dances

Depending on the level of formality, different themes work best for high school dances and senior proms. Depending on the type of dance you’re planning, your theme should be able to be dressed up or down.

Casual High School Dance Themes

  • Celebrate mustaches and mustache puns with I Mustache You to Dance.
  • Everyone dresses up as their favorite YouTube star.
  • Celebrate obscure sports such as croquet and curling.
  • Recreate a fictional high school from a TV show by planning your dance accordingly.
  • The Kodak Moment features Polaroid and old-school cameras along with different backgrounds and photo stations.
  • Celebrate being a kid with a theme that mimics a child’s birthday party or favorite childhood toy.
  • What would you rather have? Dress up couples as two different options so they become walking “Would you rather?” questions.
  • Identify the worst fashion trends of all time and recreate them.
  • Decorate a room to resemble a Biblical place and dress in biblical proportions.

Semi-Formal High School Dance Themes

  • This masquerade is open to mythological creatures such as mermaids, dragons, and more.
  • Dress guests in clothes made from unconventional materials and have them decorate with these items.
  • With semi-formal costumes and decorations, celebrate beautiful plants and animals.
  • In honor of their Zodiac sign, guests wear outfits inspired by their sign.
  • You might not be able to drink champagne, but you can use the colors, bubbles, and glasses as inspiration.
  • Virtual Reality – Guests dress up as a fancier version of their gaming avatars.
  • Dance like a creature from the Upside-Down to celebrate the dark side of Stranger Things.

Formal High School Dance Themes

  • During the Immortal Night event, vampires, gods, and elegant immortal creatures will fill the venue.
  • Makeup or masks can be used to create an elite alien race.
  • In different cultures, certain colors and items are seen as symbols of good luck.
  • Avoid solids and embrace patterns in your attire and other fabrics, such as tablecloths.
  • Imagine a venue where guests dress in famous award show outfits or like the awards themselves.
  • Wear only bold, bright colors and forget about neutrals.

Unique Themes for Any High School Dance

If the right decorations are used and dress code guidelines are followed, any theme can be turned into a casual or formal event. Make your dance fun and innovative by incorporating a seasonal theme.

Original Fall Dance Themes

  • Create a tailgate party in the gym or host a casual outdoor dance.
  • Masquerade Masks – Create unique, casual masquerade masks by using leaves as the main decoration.
  • Make a hay bale maze that leads into the casual event inspired by corn mazes.
  • In this warm, semi-formal theme, serve cider and cocoa at a hot drinks bar.
  • Get ready for a semi-formal or formal dance with these boots made for dancing.
  • It’s all about your favorite hoodies this season, forget ugly sweaters.

Uncommon Winter Dance Themes

  • Celebrate the iconic winter pattern with clothing and decorative fabrics.
  • Let winter hats take center stage at casual dances with trapper hats, pom pom hats, and more.
  • Celebrate long johns at a casual event and enjoy the old-fashioned solution to winter warmth.
  • Your semi-formal can showcase Winter Olympics opening ceremony looks and sports from around the world.
  • Wear your best antlers and formal attire and play games associated with winter and Christmas.
  • Guests can bring gift donations for needy families and wrap themselves like presents at this semi-formal event.

Unique Spring Dance Themes

  • In this casual celebration of spring rain, umbrellas and galoshes are welcome.
  • Take a break from all the decorations and food this Lenten season and focus only on the music at your casual dance.
  • Combine shades of green with a hippie theme for a semi-formal event.
  • A chalk-drawing station, pastel colors, and chalk bombs will be part of this casual dance party celebrating sidewalk chalk.
  • Dress in black and yellow and crown your “Queen Bee” at your formal dance.
  • To celebrate the beginning and end of March, use fluffy fabrics in yellows, oranges, reds, and whites.

Themes Give Life to Dances

High school dances are fun on their own, but when there’s a theme teens are more likely to attend. Choosing a unique theme for your secondary school’s dance will ensure that it will never be forgotten.

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